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Prenatal ultrasounds are something to look forward to because they provide your first glimpse of your baby. They also allow your OB/GYN to examine your developing baby. At Perinatal Diagnostic Center & Women's Ultrasound, in Thousand Oaks, West Hills, Mission Hills, and Ventura, California, Daryoush Jadali, MD, and his team offer advanced fetal ultrasounds including 3D and 4D imaging. Call Perinatal Diagnostic Center & Women's Ultrasound to make an appointment today.

Advanced Fetal Ultrasound & Imaging Q & A

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic imaging test that the team at Perinatal Diagnostic Center and Ultrasound uses to monitor the health and development of your baby. An ultrasound creates images by sending sound waves through your body. The wave bounces back off your internal organs and tissues, as well as your baby. The ultrasound machine collects the returning waves and converts the information into images.

At Perinatal Diagnostic Center and Ultrasound, you can have advanced 3D and 4D ultrasounds. While a traditional ultrasound creates a two-dimensional image, 3D ultrasounds show significantly more detail including facial features. A 4D ultrasound provides video footage of your baby.

In addition to allowing you to see your baby, these tools enable the team at Perinatal Diagnostic Center and Ultrasound to measure and examine your baby and check that it’s developing at the correct rate.

What happens during an ultrasound?

During your ultrasound, you rest on a treatment bed and lift your shirt to expose your abdomen. Your doctor or ultrasound technician applies a gel to your skin, which reduces friction so the transducer — a handheld device that directs the ultrasound waves through your body — can glide smoothly over your skin.

As the technician moves the transducer over your abdomen, sound waves move through your body and bounce back off your organs and tissue. The transducer picks up the returning waves, and the ultrasound equipment converts the waves into images or videos. You can look at your baby while your doctor examines the images.

Ultrasounds are noninvasive and safe for you and your baby. You can get right back to your regular activities as soon as your appointment ends.

What does the doctor look for during an ultrasound?

Your doctor uses the ultrasound to measure your baby and monitor their development. They look at your baby’s organs as well as the environment and amniotic fluid levels in your uterus. One of the tests performed during a first-trimester ultrasound is a nuchal translucency screening to measure the space at the back of your baby’s neck, which can indicate a risk for Down syndrome or other physical abnormalities.

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